Meditation Music

Sean's goal as an artist is to inspire serenity to all who listen. His healing music inspires relaxation and helps to alleviate depression, PTSD anxiety, and restore inner peace.

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Jabberwocky Sonata

What happens when a nonsense poem by an imaginative author such as Lewis Carroll and an inspired artist come together to create a piece of music?
The outcome is a seven piece sonata representing each paragraph and deeply creating a sonic world much like where the Jabberwocky resides in the Looking Glass. 

The Other Side

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The long awaited sophomore album by Sean Graves comes to life in this next chapter.  "The Other Side" offers new classical based music with extra surprises for a new audience.
Written during his 2019 world tour, Sean composed and recorded these songs along the way.

Colourless Kaleidoscope

After taking a short break, Sean Graves returned to the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. This album reflects a new turn in his career. With Colourless Kaleidoscope, he created some of his most compelling work to date. Listen and enjoy the superior sound quality this album has to offer.

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