Have you heard Inspire!?

I know it's been a while since I've written any pros here on the blog. So, my neglect however has been because of amazing things going on in life.

Firstly, keeping up to date with me and my shenanigans can be found on a new 'blogging' platform I'm finally dipping my toes into.

The birth of "Inspire with Sean" came from my natural want to be philanthropic. I have a natural want to help people or to inspire people to do better for themselves. Which is really the major umbrella of the podcast. While also talking with people who inspire me, others, and spit balling what's on our minds.

So far I'm working on a standard 11 episode season. Then I'll take a break and then pick up the podcast for another season. Currently I'm five episodes in. I have had a lot of listens so far, great critics for the show. It is absolutely different to be a recording artists and then pick up attempting to be a podcaster/radio show entertainer. However, art is entertainment no matter what medium. This project is just another way I'm expanding myself as a person, artists and maybe inspiring someone out there who wants to podcast as well. After all, we're all learning from each other.

I'm guessing everyone want's to know what else is going on? Okay, here's some tidbits.... PostOmnis is still recording. We're in the VOCAL stage of life. We have a lot, lot of songs recorded. I'm still working logistics for Talios Wing to perform for a plethora of songs she feels inspired by. I'm singing as well.

And while my solo debut album "Colourless Kaleidoscope" was a great kick start to my solo career. I have recorded five songs which are slowly building to a whole new album as well. I think 2018 is going to be the year of just music coming from Conundrum Studio. It's a very exciting year already, so I can't wait to share with the world everything that's going on. Until then, please stay tune to "Inspire with Sean." There you can hear me drop how recording is going for the albums and other things as well.

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