Human Beings and "Being Happy"

If you have not heard recently, I published my first book titled "Being Happy, How to change your life from seeking happiness to well-being."

It is still surreal to think my career has developed in such a way where I have found myself in a new chair to work from. Predictably, being a composer I did not see myself being an author, however, both being a composer and an author is about voice. Meanwhile, so is being a narrator too! It all seems to come together sometimes. Does it not?

If you have not ordered your copy, visit the book here.

I have been recently asked a few questions, one which really seems to repeat itself is, "Why did I write this book?"

The answer is, "There is a disparity of young adults, and Millennials who have glared the concept of what happiness is. Is it social networking? Is it a thumbs up? Is it a new follower on Instagram? Is it a walk in nature? Is it getting your swole on at the gym? Is it the taste of well prepared food? Instead, no one seems to ask about each others well-being. What are all the concepts which add up to your well-being? You can ask anyone, 'How are you doing?' The answer will no doubt be 'I'm good.' However, no one seems to ask, 'How is your well-bing?' In this, we have now asked the pandora's box to open and really wanting to know, 'How are you doing?"

My book will ask you this with every paragraph and page turn to this concept... Secretly without you realizing it... It is a streamlined study on society as we see it grow as well as how to exist in the world in an egalitarian way. The book will explain what works as well as what does not. This practical book provides essential tips, advice and the latest scientific research, in a snarky way. Rather than reading a book as a presenter of information, this book is built as a practical conversation, a tool in your house which will not collect dust after one reading.

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