Sean Graves Being Happy in Uncertain Times.

How do you know if something makes you happy?

I remove the idea of 'happiness' now-a-days. Instead, I question everything as if it is a terrorist in my home and life. I always ask myself, 'how do you add to my well-being?' I think of at least five reasons while really listening to my body, soul, and question then, 'if I let this go, will I be okay?' Generally the answer is always a resounding 'yes.'

What's the biggest mistake people make when it comes to 'Being Happy?'

It is not a typical 'self-help' book. You can pick and choose your subject you want to address. There's a history section, social connection, mindfulness, and gratitude you can openly read about and not feel lost. However, I do recommend reading cover to cover. Because it is like LEGOs, you do want to start from the beginning and see where it fits in your life.

Has anything about the experience of writing this book change your perspective on the differences of the concepts within?

I went through a divorce years ago now. I was in a dark place, fortunately with people I surrounded myself with who cultivated what made me feel happy. This was a journey of finding 'me' again after thinking my life was no longer just mine, it was ours... her's and mine... I found myself realizing while writing this book I found who I am in life with these concepts.

What if nothing seems to build a persons well-being?

I doubt nothing builds well-being. Naturally, we are social creatures. We need to see nature, express our feelings in some way, feel awe, compassion, gratitude, and seek mindfulness too. These concepts are indeed universal and are found across the world. If Vulcans landed on Earth today I'm sure they would see these additive ingredients as 'logical' to the human existence.

What do you do if you have a partner who seems to under mind your sense of well-being?

I was thankful enough to leave my relationship. I'm by no means stating to leave your partner. However, the concepts within this book is to help you realize your well-being is based on you. It's your work and your job to create what makes you happy. Those things will not be the same for your partner and you have the choice to either try and enjoy those with your partner or not. Either way, the feeling can be mutual as well. It's the involvement however into each other, the life goals of each other and the partnership which makes a relationship work. If you are not your own individual in a relationship, you will lose yourself, your well-being and your happiness in the process.

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