Basic Elements, Part One

After a month of really being home and working on things which I love to do. The first is working projects... Music, Podcasting, Audiobooks, Books, Oil Painting, and so many other mediums... It dawned on me there's some basic elements I described in my book, "Being Happy" I would like to discuss a little more in depth.

It may be surprising to hear there's only three central factors in happiness. Surprisingly if you're interested in noticing if these factors do exist, ask a co-worker, or family member. Make notes what the common theme is here, or just write them down.

The first element, which I think is difficult for a lot of people to feel involved with is Exercise. Yes, in today's world, how many people on one hand can you count who actively seek to go exercise? I promise you a majority of people by the time work is done. They get home, have a hot plate of food and play with their children or relax with a favorite TV show exercise doesn't even cross the mind on a to-do list.

However, I want to address something here... An hour of doing something is all it takes to get this element. I'm not saying to do a hard, intense workout which will make you feel tired for two days. Unless you are into this. What I'm saying is, taking a gentile walk down the road, or along the shore... Into a state park or around the lake is all it takes. If you are a gym-rat, knock yourself out.

"The nuance is, there has to be a goal involved in spite of a momentary achievement."

Just like the example above, the one hour of something to get the blood moving is a goal. However, as a base for this we can move to more achievements such as,

I will do: 30 Pushups, 30 Sit ups, a minute of Squats and finally try to complete ONE Pullup.

Try this on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. This particular exercise does not accomplish an hour of work to complete. However, this is where your creativity can kick in and you can do whatever you think you want to accomplish in your own personal workout. Seems like a lot to do. However, this is again the basics. It is a dive board to obtaining the first of three basic elements.

The last part to this is to address what the benefits are when accomplishing this basic element. For starters, exercising is good for your body's health regardless. A walk, jog, run is beneficial and a little bit pays great dividends for you in the future. Secondly, there's a sense of achievement, accomplishment and finishing something you personally started. There's the "runner's high" I'm sure you've heard of before. There's also the soreness of your arms, chest, back muscles when you complete workouts you started. All of this not only helps you physically, however mentally as well. Exercising has been proven to help stimulate and produce a sense of well-being. Which is why we are here today.

Grab those shorts, lace up the kicks and take a walk in the outside air. Go on an adventure! Make this a scheduled event for you, maybe include a friend. Regardless, do not compromise this basic element. Fit it into your life and see what happens after a months time.

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