Some questions from the fans!

You’re back again, how did this come about?

I was on deployment (tour) . I think as soon as we started heading to Spain is when I really started working on the album. It just melodically fell into my lap.

Tell us about the record & what it means to you personally?

"The Other Side" to me, the album, it is a diary. It holds inside a time, a place, and moment for myself and many of the people who influenced and inspired me to write it. We were traveling from the East Coast of America to the West Coast. So, I realized all these songs are just messages in a bottle and each one was written on the other side of the world by the time I got home.

Some artists like to keep their work far from genre labels, how do you feel about yours being part of the new age music scene?

I think the genre of New Age gets a bad rap because of major artists who've influenced it. However, it's kinda hard to place this music in just Classical or in something called "other." I believe it is indeed somewhere in the classical genre... But it steps out side of it at the same time.

The sound is a bit mysterious than usual, almost new age at times, but also with a modern sensibility with many of the tracks. Was there a plan when you started, did it just become this?

There was and idea to do another PostOmnis album while on tour. I brought out the SH-01A with me because it's small, compact and I figured a lot of ideas would come from it. It didn't fail by any means, however when composing this album I used the Roland SH-01A as the guide for the piano melodies and bass lines. I heard this album first in synthesis before realizing it was meant to be heard the way it is today.

In my opinion, this is the new type of album for you, songs like "Aiden" or "La Mer Lullaby" for example is a great tracks. How do you inspire yourself and creating the music?

I truly believe the people I've surrounded myself today have inspired me in so many ways. First, the travels, and like I said, the people I consider friends and family. Without those elements this album wasn't possible.

How do you feel about creativity in general?

I feel, with creativity it starts for me 'inspiration.' Then it moves to what people call 'creativity.' Then doing this enough times does it become considered a 'talent.' Talent, as Bob Ross has said before 'is a persuede interest.' I really do believe in this.

Do you ever question your art after it has been already released?

I have, and it's only been like the first two PostOmnis albums. After this, I became more inclined to write, record and produce better than before. I remember listening to those album in the past and think I was doing a great job for a nobody in a garage bedroom on a Dell computer. The process is leaps and bounds different and I'm gracious it is. This is where I wanted to be years ago.

Have you ever felt displeased or thought: “I could have done this better?”

I do, and this is why now as an artist I use those lessons as a spring board to better ideas. There's some songs I really felt like, this is the way to do it. Weeks and weeks later and I'm thinking, 4/4 is nice but 6/8 is working better than before. Or these unexpected jazz chords are working better because of the leading tones. Those things....

I guess the album was recorded literally around the world?

You are right, I don't remember the exact date I began recording it because we were well into the Mediterranean Sea when I started putting ideas together for the first song. Then it just became a group of songs in a matter of months and months of being gone from home.

Can you talk a bit about the experience, and the process?

The experience is nothing like I've ever done before. Now I think about it and some parts of PostOmnis' music was written while touring back in 2014... However, those songs are not as dominant as this album is. I had nearly 10 months to write this album. I had 9 on the other album and only a few made the 'cut.' Also, the process was like, taking the Roland to my quarters, plugging headphones in and jotting down ideas into a notebook to then mesh together at a later time. Only then did I plug the very same machine in and then perform with a piano patch and produce the album from the usual sorts as soon as I got home. Otherwise, as I said it wasn't like I had a dedicated studio, recording set up and honestly it was probably the most minimalism recorded album to date. I can't think of an album which was made the same way.

What music do you personally like and listen to in your free time?

The current list today is: Home, Daniel Deluxe, Blackmill, and No Limits Project.

If you have any more questions, drop a comment. I'd love to address anything that's on your mind musically.

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