Creativity Has Not, Cannot, Stop.

Well, if you hadn't heard, my sophomore album 'The Other Side' released a month ago with a bang! I'm very excited at the reception of the album since it had been nearly three years since my solo debut from PostOmnis' music umbrella. However, this is not to say PostOmnis is over with. (Is it ever over with?) In fact, I've been working on a new PostOmnis experience which I think a lot of fans will truly enjoy.

The album has been in production for the past four months and already we have created quite a sonic world to dive into. However, nothing of significants I think till the final product is released. Does this make sense? Mainly a lot of b-sides from my solo album have made it to the PostOmnis album because a lot of it was written with the Roland SH-01A. Meaning a lot of the synthesis has been rendered with these crude ideas. Unlike past PostOmnis albums a lot of machines have graced the project, to name a few the Roland, Yamaha, Korg and Moog. However, live sounds have also graced the project as usual. Strings, Flutes, and sound effects found around my current home and the world as I've traveled.

Because it is hard for me to keep secrets, yes I am featuring vocals on this album. Currently I have vocalist who are working on songs which they have picked to be their song for the project. I'm very excited to have them a part of the project. Currently we will have Talios Wing from the "Not Another Downpour" album back, as well as two new vocalists to grace the project, Kadishia Burton, Michael Mitchell and Devin Espinosa.

This new album is not just a sonic experience. I have collaborated with a visual artist who has also graced the project a long, long time ago. Does the name is Talios Wing to PostOmnis fans mean anything? If so, I hope you come to find joy in the art created by the same artist under the name Rhylyon Creations. Together we have a goal to not only give you a sonic world to enjoy, also a very visual experience with the medium of art. Which I know, since I love it, you will too.

I would also like to drop a ditty here. If you haven't noticed a new page up on the site titled, "MEDITATIONS," this is my way of helping people around the world during these uncertain times. Recently I've been using music as an escape from the whiles of this world. Sonically I decided to also help my grander community by providing music to meditate to. Each track is a little different from the others. They also last for quite some time and also work well when put on 'repeat' for extended meditative exercises. Not only a sonic but also visual exercise. I hope everyone enjoys the little gift. Currently there are three distinct songs on the page.

Finally, if this is not enough news for the past couple of weeks, I have also been writing my first Sonata. This has been a project I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time. Practically since I was a young boy to write my own 'official' sonata. Here, I decided to pull inspiration from my favorite author Lewis Carroll and his poem of the Jabberwocky. The full piece is around twenty-one minutes long. With each part an exercise and joy to listen to with different flavors, tones and styles melding together to give an amazing experience. Soon, the first sonata will be recorded and released. I also plan on selling the sheet music for those who wish to purchase a copy signed by me.

I know this is a lot of info. However, I hope this ties everyone over for the long haul that has become the year 2020! Stay positive, and be sure to listen to "Inspire with Sean," my podcast on all listening platforms.


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