Basic Elements, Part Two

In today's blog post after recording now 4 episodes of "Inspire with Sean." A fundamental question has popped into my noggin and I have decided to share with you it too.

I'm sure I have not been the only person who's heard or been told to take care of your "Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit)." These words go hand in hand. However, what does this practice actually mean? As I continue on with identifying the three parts of this 'idiom' I will be giving examples as to how I practice helping these parts of myself. However, I do not mean to say these items are the only way, fact I ask you (the reader) to sit and think of a way you can personalize cultivating parts of this trifecta.

Feeding the Mind

When I hear people talk about the three pieces of taking care of the Self. The first is always the Mind. Why this? First, I believe we as a creature of the Earth have realized the Mind is a powerful object if not taken care of.

I have seen, felt and noticed first hand how degradation of the mind from nero-illness. Today we have apps, games and hobbies readily available today to help feed the Mind. However, here are ways which I personally help feed my mind.

The first is Meditation. Some people stop here and think, "but I'm not a Buddhist." Well, if you happen to pray, then you already happen to be in the group conversation here. However, Meditation has been found to not only be a religious task. Many studies have shown Meditation is an exercise of the Mind, as well as the Body. Meditation has a way for you to become aware of your breathing (which is important), but also begin a dialog with yourself. There's no one way to Meditate, so I implore you (the reader) to watch a couple videos of Meditations. Listen to music in a personal space.

Reading a book. Either with yourself or to others, reading a book is important for the mind to not only explore strange new worlds. Reading out loud to yourself is good for the mind to connect seeing a word, saying the word as well as connecting the meaning, and concept. This is a practice and though adults may think this is a very childish task which ends in High School or College, wrong. Reading single handedly is important for the Mind to keep learning.

Get Creative. It undoubtedly feels great to exercise the mind in creating something out of nothing. This personally is a painting, a piece of music, a video or any kind of work where a couple of hours of toiling, problem solving and learning is involved. For this, I do not say no one is not able to be creative. I've heard people tell me, "I'm just not creative." I feel the problem here is the idea of wanting to. People have a natural instinct to create. It does not take a 'talent' to paint, write music, or build. It took a lot of lessons and interest to take a task and turn it into a 'talent.'

Taking Care of the Body

Science is ever evolving on subject of the human Body and what is needed to operate at optimum efficiency. However, basic food intake and water consumption is very important. As well as indulging into what you personally enjoy. Here I remind myself when I am hydrated I feel at my best physically. I know the Body I have is able to meet demands because of the care I take to keep my hydration well. In today's world with high caffeine and sugars (though I do like to indulge) it is most important to understand first the care of the Body will mean care of the Self.

Exercise! This cannot go without being addressed when talking about the Body. I personally like to think in today's world we are far more aware of physical Body positivity. We happen to also be made well aware of physical Body negativity and these implications being detrimental. However, what is certain is, without beating your Body down physically to strengthen it for the betterment of yourself you will not progress in life. Does it mean hit the gym hard? No, hit the gym and do it with conviction of a job you know you are proud of. You are doing this for you and no one else. I can not think of any reason why exercise is a negative. People have reported overwhelmingly how much deeper sleep is felt after power exertion. Likewise the same people have outspoke what it feels like when they know they didn't put out all the energy they know they may have completed.

Personal Body Care. I promise you, which I do not do often, I have never met someone who ever complained about an experience of taking care of the Body. This can be considered "Spa Days," "Mani-Pedi-Day," "Manscaping," "Ladyscaping (is this what it's called?)," whatever you wish to call it. This maybe considered soy-boy in consideration to the grit of life. However, what can go wrong with taking the time to appreciate your Body; attend to its care and also paying particular attention? After time attended to myself and reports of people around the world have consistently raved positive reviews when attention is payed to the Body it radiates positive emotions, and energy. Whatever this means to you in your personal practice, add it to a weekly, bi-weekly check in the block to accomplish.

Consoling the Soul (Spirit)

Gratitude Practice is beneficial to the Soul. Why? Like Meditation it helps the Mind reflect upon the past. It then allows the body to write the words on paper or speak aloud feeling the 'gratitude.'

For all tense, "Gratitude" is "Feeling or showing appreciation of kindness; thankful." We can feel this in today's current state with the people who tend to the consumer, customer service and medical fields. These people could easily not be at work and a lot of people would be out of luck because of it. Even the post delivery I see from time to time, I speak out my gratitude to them as they are walking away. My neighbors are probably tired of every Wednesday hearing me yell, "THANK YOU!" However, they do not have to drop off my parcel, however, I'm very, very thankful they do. Let alone to all the people who were involved with filling the order to arrive to my door step. Gratitude can be a diary of sorts. Try it out. Make being grateful a daily or weekly task. Slot it a specific time and make it a practice.

Hobbies are important for the soul. Now when I say hobby, does it mean a craft, a talent, a way of being creative? No. A hobby to me is anything you are interested in. For me, I like to think doing the extra curricular things like sports and arts as a hobby, if they are not particularly a way of life, i.e. music and production. A hobby is something which is something you do which makes you happy without being paid for doing it. The fun fact is the payment is to your Soul. You are paying your Soul great dividends by doing the things you like to do. I say go out and do them with passion as long as it's not detrimental to society and others.

Another way to console the Soul is to get creative. Read the paragraph above as an example... For below I will list how some tasks are not able to be specific because they tend to help all three!

Tidying your home. This may seem like work to most. However, I will say it is easily manageable and easy once you do it! This is commitment of the highest order. A home in order is like looking at your life and seeing if it is in order too. There are many published books in the pop culture which can help you get there. However, I find if my home is not put together even in the slightest ideal fashion for myself, then I do not feel good. Right then and there, it must be taken care of before it gnaws at me. Do not kick the can down the road. Cleaning and tidying the home is not only helpful for the Mind to problem solve the tasks at hand, it's also physical work and helps clean the house and Soul of toxins you may not be aware of.

Explore the great out doors. I love the outdoors! More recently I took a hike threw an area I would have never really visited. I think because of this it really did help rejuvenate so much in little time. Visiting a river, a lake, an area just outside of the usual city comforts brings a lot of good feelings. Easily enough when exploring new areas to you the first of many sensations will be awe. An important feeling. This feeling immediately is a double whammy of helping challenging the Mind, shocking the Soul and giving the Body a positive feeling. Next is the physical activity of being out and exploring regardless.

Lastly, for those who have a green-thumb, gardening. This is a clever way which helps the Mind problem solve new ways of caring for an object which if done right, the energy you put into the land and Earth will output the same amount to you. Especially with produce plants. Other plants like indoor plants (the spider plant in my home), I tend to them as needed and in return they clean the house air of impurities. Without plants there would be no oxygen, or produce of sorts. Gardening in the least amount of work needed such as 'watering' or 'potting' is a physical activity. While doing this task it also helps the Soul because we are putting 'compassion' and 'kindness' to things such as plants which otherwise if there was no tending what would you get in return? Nothing. Therefore, without gardening you would not be able to help feed the Mind, use and take care of the Body, as well as consoling the Soul.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and found ideas of how to cultivate a positive lifestyle for yourself.

For more information check out my book "Being Happy" which dives into these ideas and many more on the subject of "Well-Being." If you would like to share ideas to help others, I would love to hear from you!


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