2021 is Kicking Off!

Hello and welcome to 2021. At least this year is nothing like last year and "The Year of Hell" via Star Trek Voyager. Yeeesh...

How may I first start off... Well, firstly the PostOmnis album I have been working diligently on had taken a back seat during the holidays. We got four songs with vocals and we're still holding on to a couple more to get the album finished. Then about March half the album was cut due to it sounding too much of the "same." At least half the album which survives is music I also feel very proud of. I suppose this is the point though, not all songs are meant to be album worthy.


Are you ready for a track listing?

PostOmnis - Turn to Stone

  1. The Beginning feat. Sean Graves

  2. Secret Places

  3. Thoth feat. Michael Mitchell

  4. Another Dream

  5. Kaleidoscope World feat. CBW

  6. Strange Lights

Yes... I know... You should be excited about it too. Fact in the mere future there will be a video released with samples of what is going to be heard on the full album. For those who've heard the PsychoRemix of "Thoth" will be treated to the original track on this album.


Inspire with Sean

The podcast is currently in Season 3 of recording and we've already recorded two of our guests. I'm excited about the content so far and the conversations we've had on the Pod. In a few weeks the episodes will be posting in one week intervals. Thanks for listening and supporting the project!

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