PostOmnis "Thoth" feat. Michael Mitchell

It's been three years and some change and tomorrow we will see and hear a new music video from PostOmnis new album "Turn to Stone." Already a treat to read is the project is featuring vocals by a new artist Michael Mitchell and though we have anything to go off of from promotion photos of the past we're expecting a new direction to be taken with this album vice the darkwave music of "Reasons to Believe."

Tomorrows music video will be released at 8am (London, 0000GMT). This particular music video is a remix of the original cut which will be available on the new album "Turn to Stone." The release date is set for the Spring of 2021.

Sean Graves from PostOmnis et al recently announced he and featured artists are working on a new album, which got a lot of fans excited. However, this is far from everything in the recent news. He also completed audio recording of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

The as yet PostOmnis' album "Turn to Stone" is expected in spring 2021 and features vocal collaborations with Michel Mitchell and Talios Wing. The style is etherial and electronic, with a focus on the song structure, melodies and atmospheres and no consideration with current dance trends. There is currently no word on an exact release date though.

Sean also has a classical EP called “Jabberwocky Sonata," under his own name which released as a companion to his second album "The Other Side." Both were greeted with positive reviews.

The PostOmnis album is coming along, but it’s a bit too early in the process to say much about it. A picture was posted on Facebook of Michael Mitchell doing vocal recordings in studio. Sean is also teasing that there might be some interesting collaborations. Furthermore, he’s also teasing they are working on other stuff too, however won’t reveal what it is.

On top of all this, he’s also made three tracks that will appear in the upcoming phone apps for white noise and meditations, which comes out late December.

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