PostOmnis - Turn to Stone

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Hello and Welcome,

This is near and dear information I'm putting out there into the world. After years of working on a new album and really quantifying what I wanted to do for a new album, PostOmnis is back.

Credits: All music written by Sean Graves. Produced by PostOmnis at Conundrum Studio. Associated art by RhylyonArt.

Lyrics for "Thoth," "Music Box" written and performed by Michael Mitchell. Vocals for "Secret Places," and "The Calling" written and performed by Sean Graves and Melismas.

Vocals for "Kaleidoscope World," and Sitar performance for "Haters and Hares" by CBW.

  1. The Beginning feat. Sean Graves

  2. Nightlapse feat. Melismas

  3. Another Dream

  4. Thoth feat. Michael Mitchell

  5. Secret Places feat. Melismas

  6. Strange Lights

  7. Music Box feat. Michael Mitchell

  8. Kaleidoscope World feat. CBW

  9. Chione

  10. Windows to Your Soul

  11. The Calling feat. Sean Graves

PostOmnis thanks: RhylyonArt, Talios Wing, Michael Mitchell, Melismas and CBW.

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