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Videos released for social media operate a three-fold approach in an effort to continually expose, interest and engage new audiences of every age.

To Entertain...

With an eye toward the trends of internet culture, these videos serve to entertain the masses through live music, lighthearted humor and general shenanigans.  From discussions, reviews, and jump scares abound in popular survival horror video games.

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To Educate...

From video essays on popular topics, to thought experiments, and Bob Ross-ian Painting, this category of videos seeks to encourage viewer curiosity by providing researched and life learned lessons in an engaging, accessible, and easily consumable way.  If I can do it, so can you.

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To Inspire...

Whether to encourage the viewer to pick up a new outlook in life, follow along reading books and poems, sitting back and listening to meditative music — simply to offer a world of calm and escape — these videos of storytelling, soothing imagery, build a world which celebrates life.

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