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Sean Graves

Musician | Podcast Host | Author & Narrator | Entertainer.

Enchanted by music since his childhood, Seán began writing music as soon as he could record.  This started by learning synthesis and featured in local bands till he began the music project PostOmnis.  Today, Seán is a renowned artist entertaining and inspiring everyone releasing 3 solo albums.  His music has helped people around the world to relax, as well as create serenity and inspiration.

Seán's music has been featured on MTV, as well as on more than fifty major websites.


PostOmnis' style and genre have been described as "Ethereal," "Ambient," "Dream," and "New Age" by critics. The music integrates layered hardware and software synthesizers with live piano, vocals, and percussion.  Seán Graves is the projects core member, who writes the majority and produce all of PostOmnis' music. This also includes collaborations with various guest vocalists, and instrumentalists some of whom are credited as co-writers of songs. The project have cited a variety of musical artists, including Fleetwood Mac, Conjure One, Enigma, Delerium, and Electronic Light Orchestra as having been influential in developing their sound.

As curious children learn how to record voices on blank cassette tapes in the early 90's.  Seán would make his own 'radio shows' talking about subjects he felt were important to talk about between songs, like a radio DJ.  Then came Podcasts...

​"Inspire with Seán" is a Educational // Self-Help podcast which features inspirational subjects, as well as guests who are inspirational in their own way. From life experiences to holistic help and psychoanalysis, the podcast aims to be inclusive as well as easy for everyone to enjoy and feel inspired too.


His voice work can also be heard in Audiobooks, Podcasts, as well as workshops for those seeking inspiration in audio-media.  You can also catch him in real time on Twitch entertaining people around the world.


In his book "Being Happy," Seán took finding happiness to a whole new level by teaching if you cultivate 'well-being' you will never have to search for happiness, because it is within you.

"Being Happy" is a self improvement book based upon the Sciences of Happiness.  Newly streamlined, cut to the quick snarky self-help is geared to people of all cultures, creeds, seeking to find well-being, cultivating their own version of happiness.  Enclosed with assignments and the latest scientific data to date.

Seán takes cultivating happiness to a whole new level, if you properly seek for your personal well-being, you will never confuse it with happiness.  Most methods advocate approaches which works best for those particular authors, which dooms you to pick away at yourself forever.  "Being Happy," with its multi-approach, leads to lasting results which helps everyone.  Because everyone has a different idea of well-being.

With detailed guidance for determining what scientifically works and why, this book will help you understand your personal well-being and enjoy the unique magic of life – and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.

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