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Sean Graves

Musician | Podcast Host | Author & Narrator | Entertainer.

Enchanted by music since his childhood, Seán started his music career by learning synthesis and featured in local bands till he began the music project PostOmnis.  Today, Seán is a renowned artist entertaining and inspiring everyone.  Releasing three solo albums.  His music has helped people around the world to relax, as well as create serenity and inspiration.  Seán's music has been featured on MTV, as well as on more than fifty major websites.


PostOmnis' style and genre have been described as "Ethereal," "Ambient," and "New Age."  The music integrates layered hardware and software synthesizers with live piano, vocals, and percussion.  Seán Graves is the projects core member, who writes the majority and produce all of PostOmnis' music.  This also includes collaborations with various guest vocalists, and instrumentalists some of whom are credited as co-writers of songs.  The project have cited a variety of musical artists, including Fleetwood Mac, Conjure One, Enigma, Delerium, and Electronic Light Orchestra as having been influential in developing their sound.

Around the tail end of the great 2020 plague Seán began streaming his own content.  Launching on Twitch, you can find him on a scheduled broadcast focused on Survival Horror - Action Adventure video games, as well as Eurorack music concerts, and oil paint alongs.  As a result his Youtube channel has also seen a resurgence.  The channel include music videos, concerts, Just Chat vlogs, and monthly Tarot readings.​  

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