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Published Books


A self improvement book based upon the sciences of Happiness. Newly streamlined, cut to the quick snarky self-help is geared to people of all cultures, creeds, seeking to find well-being, cultivating their own version of happiness. Enclosed with assignments and the latest scientific data to date.


In this collection titled “Colourless Kaleidoscope,” you will hear the intimate conversation between artists and instrument. His piano pieces are filled with texture, harmonies and passionate melodies from Electronic music to Classical echoing with meticulousness. Thus making the pieces included among the most personal, ranging from Classical thematic and variation to Romantic, Minimalism of the 21st Century, Serialism and Neo Classicalism.


This music was written in mind for the player by the composer along with versions for more experienced pianist to enjoy as well. “Colourless Kaleidoscope” is a necessary addition to the library of all piano, synthesizer performers and students.

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