2020, A Year in Review

It's the time of the year again where we visit family and friends of old. Brew a hot cup of cider and relax watching classic films of Yuletide and Christmas cheer. It can not be said this year has been easy for most. Fact, it has literally been the struggle bus for everyone in some way shape and form. However, what I think the world has achieved this year is simply one word put. "Resilience"

The year started for me on tour and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. New Years was just another day to me in a typical work week. Nothing amazing happened. Just so happened I was not home. Then I finally got to visit Hawaii and enjoy the fun and adventure of the island life. It was a short stay, however, it was a lot of fun. Just the week before my arrive to Hawaii I had crossed the International Date Line and thusly lived the 4th of January twice in a row on a leap year. If my math is correct, which I suspect it is not because math stands for "Mental Abuse To Humans," then this year I may have lived an extra day more than a typical human in a leap year.

Once home to a well received homecoming I headed straight to work in releasing a set of music I had composed over the course of a ten month tour. This became my second solo album effort titled "The Other Side." This album is quite possibly my most emotional set of music I've written. Provided my debut album was written during my divorce and ergo it too shares a sense of emotional baggage. However, I think the combined empathy I felt with many other people during the course of a ten month tour helped shape "The Other Side" into a well crafted album.

Whilst I put the finishing touch on a new chapter of music, I also began creating a new season of "Inspire with Sean." An online podcast which showcases people of many different backgrounds, talents and personal inspirations. It was a real treat to start the season off with my dear friend Devon, my sister from another mister Carla (also known as the first lady of the podcast), Khadijah, Kasia, and William Saint. It was an amazing season with topics ranging from art, music, life, wrestling, LGBTQ+ and authorship. This year yielded an amazing experience to adapt and overcome with having guest visit the studio to now using Zoom Meetings. However, it certainly was a lot of fun to have the guest and learn not only about the other person, but also a little more about myself as well along the way.

Between these two moments of time I somehow had time to start work on a new PostOmnis album which is now being titled "Turn to Stone." It's the now official fifth album I've created and will be releasing next year, if all goes right. This year I've had the pleasure to not only sculpt together an amazing sound pallet for a new album, however, also had the pleasure to have new vocalists join the project as well. With this said, a new track titled, "Thoth" was recorded with my friend Michael Mitchell and for the couple of songs I've had him sing on. They're amazing pieces of work and I think in the mere future a lot of people will enjoy the songs too. Otherwise, the album itself, as I speak now I'm sure a lot of people are interested to hear where it's currently at right now, is sitting very comfortably at an hours worth of music. It has been described as "Reasons to Believe" but with an edge and the vocal talents of "Not Another Downpour."

Really early on during the beginning of the pandemic it had dawned on me to compose, produce and release a set of music which now I call "The Beginnings" of recording ideas for the new PostOmnis album. Though these songs are not technically penned by the project's namesake, it is easy to hear the ambient influences of the songs. These "Meditation" songs were released once a week for some time to help those with anxiety and depression to relax and enjoy the moment with the art.

It's been an amazing year of great creativity. I think with what myself and the projects which have come from the studio this year has been amazing to plan, create, execute and then finally enjoying the reaction of how well recieved each product. Especially the gift of the last moment this year with the release of "The Jabberwocky Sonata."

All in all, despite a dreadful year of expectations which were not lived up to. I think in the throws of disappointment the year has also provided a since of reflection, contemplation, creativity and hope for the better. A few more projects are coming along the way for next year which I'm happy to produce and work on. For those not able to be home for the holidays, I am also in the same boat (no pun intended). One thing I am doing whilst having my first holiday home is Zooming the family and treating this time of year as if it was any other year. HERE'S TO NEXT YEAR!!! (Lordy, I hope it's not as bad as this year was.... yeeeesh....)

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