All music finally in India, Africa & S.E. Asia!

Last month (for those over seas) I found out my distributer for PostOmnis and my solo music has opened a deal and partnership with Boomplay Music! This is making my music available to the fast-growing marketplace of streaming users in countries like Africa too. This month we’re getting the music into another huge market in India and Southeast Asia through a new partnership with Hungama.

But what does this mean Basil?

What it means is... Hungama launched India’s first and largest on-demand digital entertainment storefront, and had grown to become the country’s leading digital entertainment company. Kinda like iTunes back in the early 2000's. With millions of files ranging from music to movies, etc. They really have a lot of media to binge on. Hungama is a one-stop-shop for more than 20 million consumers in India and the surrounding territories. Which for me is rather exciting. Similar to platforms such as Spotify, Hungama is powered by by an impressive discovery, search, and recommendation engine... Meaning, PostOmnis and my solo music is now open to a larger market.

If you were really interested where my music has now expanded, check out this list!

  • Sri Lanka

  • Afghanistan

  • Pakistan

  • Maldives

  • Cambodia

  • Myanmar

  • UAE

  • Bahrain

  • Kuwait

  • Oman

  • Qatar

  • South Africa

  • Kenya

  • Ivory Coast

Hungama also has plans to expand into 30 additional countries this year.

This is genuinely exciting news. I have always thought of PostOmnis as 'world' and 'electronic' music. Neither owned from any particular style from a country particular from where we are currently home based at the current time. I started off long ago in the early 2000's as a sampler artist, and it evolved into a multi-cultural project being heard all around the world. I think of this project (PostOmnis) as grass-roots in how it started off behind a computer and now a fully functional home studio.

Now for the kinda-sorta bad news. Because the amount of music being pushed to these markets is quite a lot it will take some time initially for every album to be up in each market place. However, not to fret... It will be there by at least May, or so I have been told.

Any questions, drop a line!


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