Jabberwocky Sonata

Hello everyone,

It's another exciting time in the life where I get the opportunity to share with you a piece of music I've been working on for over a year.

Later on a video will be posted for a portion of the new LP "Jabberwocky Sonata." I guess the first question to ask is what is this and why is this a thing.

Since I was a young boy playing the piano, I had always wanted to write a piece of music I felt would prove my compositional proficiencies in today's classical world. With this said, I placed myself in a position of writing electronic music under the project PostOmnis, and had also released my solo album "Colourless Kaleidoscope." As I began working on my sophomore album, "The Other Side" I began writing the beginnings of this piano sonata. However, the exactitude of this piece did not just come from reading the poem by the great Lewis Carroll.

I have and always will be an avid reader of Lewis Carroll's books, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass." Both of these books I have read once a year. In doing this I have always found 'something' new I did not notice before. Which I believe is the real adventure.

While on my world tour in 2019, reading at the time "Through the Looking Glass," it had dawned on me the Jabberwocky poem has a rhythm inside phonetically by the words. Music also has this when singing lyrics. Ideally they have a rhythm. However, I did not want to write a piece of music which was 'sung.' The poem is here already to provide words of entertainment. This led me to using a sonic rhythm called Morse Code to translate in sonic waves Lewis Carroll's poem.

Morse Code is a signaling form perceptible to the human senses via sound waves and visible light. This can be directly interpreted by persons trained in the skill. Players of any music instrument are no exception when given the rhythm, notes and understand what message is being sent.

Though this piece of music may be played in open room as written strictly, my dream is to have not only the player play the music exactly. However to also have a visual in synch with the player which also gives a flash of multi-colour lights and patterns in conjunction with the music as a full experience.

Given this, until such an interpretation can be achieved, I am proud to give the Jabberwocky Sonata as a physical and sonic experience.

Yours truly,

Mr. Graves, S.

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