• Sean Graves

My Solo Album Debut.

Excitement is a word I don't use lightly. Especially when it comes to my passion in life, music. Because the artistic world has grown so much in years by leaps and bounds I'm always excited when I hear a friend say they just dropped an album. This September, that story becomes mine. 

About a year ago I began writing music for the piano. It was an exclusive idea. Just piano, no synths, no drums. Start with just a piano. That single idea gave birth to 3 songs in less than a month. Then a couple of months later my roster of songs grew to 6, maybe 7 songs. Eventually I had a solid hour of music worth listening and enjoying from start to finish. 

The collection then went to print through a publishing company called Lulu. It was an honest attempt of seeing what publishing sheet music would be like. Still a missing element was there and I finally got the album pressed for digital release. 

Welcome to a Colourless Kaleidoscope.

Now, what does the album title mean? To me, Colourless Kaleidoscope represents so much in two words. First, each song has a sense of colour. What would have been a different colour provided by a different instrument was originally missing. However, produced into the songs to add the colour. 

Meanwhile, on a whole piece or art I feel each song is a piece of glass in a kaleidoscope. Each song gives a different perspective. And turns like a kaleidoscope would turn and give a different vision once distorted. 

You can find my solo album on all major retail stores; iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, IHeartRadio, Slacker, etc. 

I hope ya'll enjoy. 

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