• Sean Graves

Finding "The Other Side"

A lot of news to go through today. Thus I will be brief...

First, my second solo album will be releasing on pre-sales April 17th, and releasing on my birthday May 1st!

If you are fans of the debut album "Colourless Kaleidosope" this new album will not be a disappointment. Familiar places in new territories and ideas.

Meanwhile in other news...


My first published book "Being Happy" is out on digital retails for physical copies.

"Being Happy" challenges you with every paragraph and page turn. This streamlined study of the Science of Happiness on today's society reveals surprising advice on what works - and what doesn't - so you can focus your efforts on tactics which provide results.

At it's core, you will hold in your hands a unique design of character you've known all your life.

This practical book provides essential tips, advice, and the latest scientific research.

"Being Happy" will guide you toward a fulfilling search of well-being.

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