Sean Graves "The Other Side" Interview

Andres Jenkins: How has your time since your debut album influence the most recent album?

Sean Graves: It was a little tough, I was on tour and though I would jot down ideas on paper. It was a bit of a hassle to do the day job for twelve hours, then plan for tomorrow, take care of myself, jot down a melody, something... Then, IF there was enough material and time to crunch it in, I would build up the song from those small notes into a song.

AJ: As your style has changed over the years, what do you see as the defining elements of a song, yours or PostOmnis?

SG: Years ago I made the executive choice to finally put all my classically written music under my name. Those elements of PostOmnis are there I think, but implemented differently. Also, with PostOmnis, I think it depends on the tones, synths and technology used which really make the songs shine. Each libraries of music are fundamentally different.

AJ: Why is this album titled 'The Other Side'?

SG: I sailed around the world. I felt like my music was on the other side. I knew starting my journey in Virginia and moving closer and closer to San Diego where it would end all my songs just seemed to hang on these ideas trying to get to the other side of the world once more. Like messages in a bottle.

Sean Graves / La Mer Lullaby

The Other Side

Conundrum Studio, 2020

AJ: What emotions do you hope the listener takes away from “The Other Side”? How is that different from previous album?

SG: My debut album had a different recording process. I still used 'synth' patches traced in and out of that album. Where as with "The Other Side" it is completely stripped minus the use of drums in and out of some songs. So, there was a difference in how the albums were built. The emotions I'm sure will be a little everywhere from exciting, ballad and others throughout. I think everyone can find their 'music' on this album.

AJ: Do you listen to your own music, if so what format and venue do you prefer? MP3 + headphones? Car stereo and cd?

SG: I do listen to my own music through the recording process because what can be written weeks ago can always have a different colour and accent sound I would like to add. I spent a long time on the last PostOmnis album and though this is the "process," it's taken me till now to finally feel like the Equilibrium album sounds new to me. Time certainly does allow music to breath and become new regardless of its age. I suspect, once the new album is out it will take me some time to hear it and be like, 'I wrote that song... Wow!"

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