Sean Graves and NEW PostOmnis music.

How does it feel working on a new PostOmnis’ album?

It’s magical for me. I stumbled upon what I’ve always called a ‘ghost’ in the conjuring album. I realized I found a new artistic entity which had a story to tell. So, I began exploring the sounds and music.

Would you consider a tour for the new album?

I would consider a ‘tour’ if a ‘tour’ was achievable. In my line of work outside of PostOmnis, I have other responsibilities to attend which would not allow me to play live. However, the few days off I do have, I play my Theremin live. So, that’s my tour if I suppose there ever is one.

You found yourself in an alternate universe, what are you if not human?

I’m a Phoenix. A bird who is born, lives, engulfs into flames, dies and is reborn a new.

Which of all your albums through your career are you most proud of?

I’m proud of every album I worked on. Each one has a story, a time capsule. A zeitgeist (sprit of the time) which is irreplaceable. I loved ‘Conscience’ because it broke the map of other recordings and I began to sing. Then ‘Not Another Downpour’ really made PostOmnis metamorpihize. The new album not only continues this but also changes as well.

Would you like to be a guest on other artists music?

I would. Given the opportunity. With PostOmnis, especially during the ‘Not Another Downpour’ album I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to guest musicians and vocalists. With the new album we also keep to this.

What would you be if you were not an artists? What other ambitions did you have as a child?

I don’t know what I would be. Probably an Astronaut. I love space. I love science. In some way I feel apart of ‘space’ and ‘science’ because the music I make travels through space-time and is heard for miles away. I use science to create the music and it’s all just a beautiful hot mess.

What music, beside your own, do you enjoy listing to for pleasure?

I love all sorts of music. Especially if it has a good vibe. If it pushes the billet and incorporates a bunch of different styles. I’m all in.

Are there any stories or experiences which inspired you to write this album?

Through the process of writing every album I’ve incorporated various moments into my music. Love, Loss, Death, Divorce and many other experiences. Even my addiction to drugs and or vices. Right down to the reinvention of self. I think every album has an aspect of this in one way or another.

How does the creative process to “Reasons to Believe” differ from your very first album?

Digital and Analog synths are still prevalent in the project. If not the soul. While the root difference is the style and instrumentation. I’d like to look back at this album and treat it as my “Rumors” album.

Can you describe the new album in three words?

Sure I can…. Reasons… To… Believe…

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