PostOmnis (Sean Graves) by Shelly Grey


Sean Graves

Where are you from? Complex question. I've lived nearly everywhere. I don't really have a place called home. But I was born in Germany, and have lived in America since I was a child.

Can you describe your style?

Strange, obscure, different.

Who would you like to write music with in history, alive or recently passed?

I would love to sit in a room with the great Igor Stravinsky and create a song with the technology we have today. He would run everyone for a mile with what we can produce today.

What music inspires you today?

Currently alternative rock music seems to be really jiving with me. But then I get to the studio and some kind of sound comes from my corner of life. I'd say currently it's Classical music with an edge.

If you could be on tour with anyone, who would it be?

My dream tour would be with Delerium, and or Conjure One. Both projects have inspired me through my middle school years and now.

What was your first song on repeat?

I think it was Cannon in D by Pachelbel. I still find myself listening to this song because it calms me down immediately.

What record could you not live without?

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album.

Do you have a favorite track from the new (in work) PostOmnis album?

I probably have too many to list. But currently, I really like the album titled song, "Reasons to Believe," "Moving Light," "Acceptance," and "Another Dream." Again, too many to like personally.

What can people expect from the record?

I think long time PostOmnis fans will be expecting the same, if not new PostOmnis. I want to obviously work on songs, structure, styles that are different and things I haven't tried. There's still old and new equipment moving in and out of the studio. Which is what I think makes the albums stand alone.

Have you enjoyed the freedom of being a solo artist?

PostOmnis' started as a brother/sister duo. It evolved into myself and featured producers and artists, vocalist, instrumentalist. In a way I too evolved as an artist. When you have a monarch name, it's easy to hide behind it.

When I wrote 'Colourless Kaleidoscope' it was only myself and the piano. Those ideas when I wrote them and thought they were good enough, I recorded them. And the only person who's responsible for that success is me in the end.

PostOmnis' last album came out two years ago. Since then, you've done your solo album. When the lead of a band goes off and does a side project, it tends to raise concerns. Can you clear the air for fans?

Sure... Well, a lot of things have happened since PostOmnis' last album. First I went through a really intense break up. Then I finally had the courage to release my solo album. All the while I was also working on PostOmnis' album. It was last year I went back to the drawing boards and began reassessing the (PostOmnis) album. The one thing I use as a tool is time. Time played a big big part in the last album. I was able to find artists who were really inspired by the music. When something becomes solid, we'll release another album. I drop little tid-bits of how much 'time' is recorded. However, tracks 3-5 could be swapped for stronger songs I feel represent PostOmnis better. The project is ever-evolving. As long as the product is the best I can do at the time. I hope the fans will enjoy.

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